Bike owners are a fun and interesting group. One thing is certain, they love their machines and they are often very dedicated to a particular brand or model. Warm, sunny days entice bike owners to pull out their motorcycles and go for a ride, and in Middle Tennessee, there are many roads and routes to explore.

Bike owners also love to customize their bikes. Chrome kits, fairings, custom paint, saddlebags, seats, leather, and even clothing accessories can make any motorcycle owner thrilled.

With the cost of customization and even the cost to replace a bike, Alliance Insurance Group of Middle Tennessee wants to create a policy that will properly insure your investment and all the tricked out accessories you’ve added. Just a basic motorcycle policy will not do when you have sunk a lot of your hard-earned money into customizing your bike.

Motorcycle insurance works in similar ways to auto insurance, but there are different aspects of the coverage to consider. Our motorcycle insurance experts can help design a package that will leave you feeling secure that you are protected for whatever life throws at you.

We don’t just stop at cruisers and street bikes. We also have options to cover your dirt bikes and ATV’s.

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